Scholarships for Social Work Masters Programs

Scholarships for Social Work Masters Programs

Social workers play an increasingly important role in enhancing communities and the lives of people.

These practitioners are among the major providers of mental healthcare in the United States, with employment in social work predicted to increase by more than 7.4% by 2032.

If you want to work in this in-demand industry, the first step is to receive the necessary degree.

Some entry-level employment requires only a bachelor’s degree, while the majority of clinical roles require a master’s degree for license.

With the average cost of college increasing, many aspiring social workers are looking for alternatives to student loans to help them pay for their education.

Fortunately, there are numerous sorts of supplemental financing available for social work students and others entering service-oriented industries.

We’ve compiled a list of scholarships for social work masters programs to assist you in your search, but there are many more available through local institutions, state associations, and other resources.

Scholarships for Social Work Masters Programs

Scholarships for Social Work Masters Programs

Here is a list of universities that provide fully funded master’s programs in social work.

1. California State University (San Marcos, CA)

The Department of Social Work at California State University San Marcos provides a variety of stipend programs for MSW students.

The Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend Program is open to new MSW students enrolled in the full-time program.

Students selected for the stipend program earn an annual stipend of $18,500 for up to two years. Scholarships are provided to students from all backgrounds.

2. Columbia University’s School of Social Work

They offer scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 to full-time students with financial need.

Scholarships are typically renewed in the second year of study, provided certain qualifying standards are met.

Columbia University provides additional financing to graduate students, such as language study stipends and research-based fellowships or grants.

3. The University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work

They provide scholarships, stipends, assistantships, and fellowships to students based on available funds.

Stipend beneficiaries are chosen by a committee made up of GCSW and CPS officials. Full-time students will be paid a stipend of $5,000 per semester for up to five semesters.

Assistantships are available to full-time students who have been unconditionally admitted to the M.S.W. program. Students must apply and interview for opportunities.

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3. Illinois State University

Illinois State University offers graduate assistantships as a form of financial aid to deserving full-time students.

They are paid a monthly stipend or an hourly rate, as well as a tuition waiver for the whole semester of their appointment.

The Graduate School awards endowed scholarships and fellowships on a competitive basis during the fall and spring terms.

The University of Minnesota School of Social Work (St. Paul, MN) provides financial support for MSW and Ph.D. students through training grants, fellowships, scholarships, and graduate assistantships.

4. Saint Louis University (St. Louis, MO)

They will automatically screen prospective students for merit-based scholarships. The School of Social Work funds a full-tuition fellowship for new and continuing students.

Filling out a graduate assistantship application automatically qualifies you for a full or partial graduate assistantship.

5. The Department of Social Work at the University of Texas at El Paso (El Paso, TX)

They provide internship stipends, need-based scholarships, and paid positions as Graduate Assistants (GAs) and Research Assistants (RAs).

Currently, department-specific awards enable the Department to provide partial and full financial assistance to many students.

All students are eligible for need-based and merit-based programs administered by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

6. The University of Washington School of Social Work in Seattle, WA

They offer many financial opportunities for MSW students, including fellowships, scholarships, assistantships, and supplementary programs to augment their education.

Other Financial Resources

Aside from scholarships and fellowships, there are other financial options available to help you pay off or cancel your student debts and lower the cost of college.

  • The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF): The PSLF is a program created for students who have received direct federal loans. If you work full-time for a nonprofit or government organization and have made at least 120 student loan repayments, you may be eligible to have the remaining balance forgiven.
  • The National Health Service Corps (NHSC): The NCHS provides up to $50,000 in loan payback to licensed clinical social workers who work for at least two years in an eligible locale classified as a Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA).
  • The Faculty Loan Repayment initiative (FLRP): is a national initiative for students who accept faculty positions at an accredited health professions institution. You can get up to $40,000 in loan repayment after two years of full-time employment.


These scholarships can be competitive, so getting an early start on the application process can improve your chances of winning.

We hope this information helped you choose the proper scholarship for you. If you are close to matching the criteria for a scholarship, do not hesitate to contact the organization that is granting it.

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