ASU Military Active Duty and Reservist Scholarship

ASU Military Active Duty and Reservist Scholarship

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ASU Military Active Duty and Reservist Scholarship: Unlocking Educational Opportunities
Higher education is a transformative experience, and Arizona State University (ASU) is dedicated to making it available to active-duty troops and reservists.

The ASU Reserve and Active Military Service Scholarships reflect your commitment to those who serve our country.

This page examines several facets of this scholarship program, including its perks, acceptable fields of study, application process, and devotion to military members.

ASU Military Active Duty and Reservist Scholarship

ASU Military Active Duty and Reservist Scholarship

The ASU Active Duty Military and Reserves Commitment Scholarship is intended to provide substantial financial assistance to online college students pursuing military tutoring (TA) classes.

The major advantages of this scholarship are:

Tuition Fee Coverage: Eligible students will receive a scholarship that covers the remaining tuition per credit hour. This financial assistance will significantly minimize the financial strain of attending university.

Military Tuition Assistance: This scholarship supplements the Military Tuition Assistance Program, allowing active duty and reserve personnel to receive a quality education at no additional expense.

Online Learning: ASU Online provides military members with flexibility and access to authorized online college programs, allowing them to manage their military obligations and academic ambitions.

Field of Study: ASU Reserve and Active Duty Commitment Scholarships encompass a wide range of educational subjects, catering to military students’ different interests and career objectives.

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These fields include, among other things:

  • Business and Management: ASU provides a number of business-related programs to help military students improve their leadership and management abilities.
  • ASU’s technology and engineering programs nurture innovation and technical abilities.
  • Health and Healthcare: ASU’s health programs equip military students with the information and skills required for careers in medicine, thereby contributing to the nation’s health-care workforce.
  • Humanities & Social Sciences: Students interested in the humanities, social sciences, and humanities should look into programs that encourage critical thinking and cultural awareness.
  • Education & Academics: ASU provides student-teacher programs, allowing military members to make a difference in their education.

Departments are covered.: The ASU Active Military and Reservists Commitment Scholarship benefits online students from a wide range of subjects and disciplines. These departments demonstrate the university’s dedication to delivering comprehensive education to military personnel.

Business College: Military students interested in business have access to a variety of resources and programs at the Business College.

Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering: ASU’s engineering school prepares military personnel to contribute to technical advancement and innovation.
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College offers programs that prepare students for the teaching profession.

Application Process for the ASU Military Active Duty and Reservist Scholarship

The application process for the ASU Active and Reserve Commitment Scholarships is simple and accessible to eligible students.

Eligibility Verification: Confirm that you fit the scholarship conditions, such as being an online student taking military coursework.

Military Tuition Aid (TA): This award is intended to supplement the Military Tuition Aid Program, so she must present TA documentation at the beginning of each session.

Auto Add: Once ASU receives and approves your TA paperwork, your scholarship will be automatically applied to your My ASU account.


Does ASU provide full scholarships for international students?

ASU provides merit-based scholarships to international students who exhibit exceptional academic success. International first-year and transfer F-1 students may be eligible for the New American University Scholarship, which provides assistance with educational fees.

What is the Military Commitment Scholarship at ASU?

The Military Active Duty and Reservist Commitment Scholarship is open to all online undergraduate students receiving military tuition assistance. It pays the remaining tuition fees per credit hour.

How can I earn a full-ride scholarship at ASU?

Qualifying Arizona high school graduates who identify as low-income students can get a full ride to ASU for four years under the College Attainment Grant.

This award is open to Arizona residents and non-resident Native American students who meet the residency requirements for tuition at ASU.


Please keep in mind that the scholarship funds are not intended to be used in conjunction with Chapter 33 of her GI bill after 9/11.

For further information or questions about ASU’s military service and degree programs, military students should contact the ASU Online Military Enrollment Counselor at 1-866-277-6589.


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