Masters in Human Resource Management Scholarships

Masters in Human Resource Management Scholarships

Scholarships are available to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in human resource programs. Human resources experts must understand what their employees want as well as be knowledgeable about labor rules.

A business, MBA, or specialty HR school will provide you with the necessary information and abilities.

With one or more human resources scholarships, you can begin your career without incurring significant student loan debt.

Masters in Human Resource Management Scholarships

Masters in Human Resource Management Scholarships

1. The Cheslie C. Kryst Memorial Scholarship

The Cheslie C. Kryst Memorial Scholarship is one of numerous human resources scholarships available via the SHRM.

This scholarship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who have at least one semester remaining before graduation.

Applicants must be currently pursuing (or plan to pursue over the next six months) a degree in a human resources-related subject.  Candidates are assessed on several variables, including:

  • current resume
  • answers to questions about experiences and career aspirations
  • transcripts
  • letter of reference
  • Award recipients can get up to $10,000 to cover the cost of tuition and fees.

2. Matchr

Matchr is an HRIS platform that provides a $1,000 scholarship to a high-achieving student pursuing a career in human resources management.

The grant can be used to help pay for tuition, fees, and books.  Applicants must be enrolled in an approved university, and pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in human resources or a closely connected discipline.  Applications are due April 30th.  The reward goes directly to the educational institution.

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3. International Public Management Association for Human Resources Scholarship Program

The International Public Management Association for Human Resources, or IPMA-HR, grants a scholarship to students pursuing a degree in human resource management.

This is one of the best scholarships for human resources, but it is only available to the children and dependents of members of the organization. Human resource management majors can get a variety of awards, including:

  • $1,000 for Associate/Technical/HR Certificates
  • $1,500 for Bachelor’s Degrees
  • $2,000 for Master’s Degrees

4. Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study in HR

The Society for Human Resource Management, or SHRM, is the premier professional association for human resource management professionals.

Though SHRM provides multiple human resource scholarship options each year, one of the most significant is the Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study in HR.

According to the SHRM website, one winner will be awarded a $10,000 fellowship.

The award is open to students enrolled in an accredited university. Winners must be in their first year of graduate school, although they are eligible to renew the fellowship and win a $10,000 reward in their second year.

5. Gillete/National Urban League

Gilette and the National Urban League offer one of the greatest human resources scholarships.

Applicants for one of these scholarships must demonstrate that they are currently enrolled in or will enroll in a finance, business administration, marketing, or human resources degree at an authorized institution or university.

Winners must additionally establish that they are in the top 25% of their class. The scholarship also includes a summer internship at a large corporation, which can provide students with weeks or months of practical experience.

Any scholarship money you receive is free money for college. You may be able to use the money to pay for expenditures such as transportation or a new computer, as well as tuition and some personal expenses.

Graduate and undergraduate students majoring in human resources can apply for the best scholarships available.

6. Walter Vaughn’s Human Resources Scholarship

The Walter Vaughn Human Resources Scholarship is administered by the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. It provides $2,500 to African American undergraduate or graduate students working full-time toward a degree in:

  • human resources
  • public administration
  • similar degree

Eligible recipients must:

  • have at least one semester remaining
  • attend a regionally accredited U.S. university
  • maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • display excellent leadership abilities
  • be actively involved in extra-curricular services.

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Wells Fargo American Indian Scholarship

The American Indian Graduate Centers provides several scholarships for human resource degrees, including the $2,500 Wells Fargo American Indian Scholarship. Enrolled members of federally recognized tribes in the United States are eligible. They must pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in:




human resources

information technology.

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7. Robert W. Denomy Leadership Award

The Robert W. Denomy Leadership Award is worth $1,000. The Northwest Human Resource Management Association presents it on an annual basis. It’s for dues-paying SHRM members who are attending accredited universities in:

  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Alaska
  • Idaho

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8. Roger P. Lette Student Scholarship

The North Texas SHRM created the Roger P. Lette Student Scholarship. It gives out $1,000 every year. Undergraduates majoring or concentrating in human resources at a qualified four-year business school in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex are eligible. Recipients are chosen according to their:

  • academic merit
  • SHRM chapter involvement
  • volunteer work
  • financial need
  • two letters of recommendation
  • essay writing skills
  • commitment to HR

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9. Susan R. Meisinger Graduate Fellowship

The Susan R. Meisinger Graduate Fellowship is worth $10,000 and is renewable. The Society for Human Resource Management awards it to first-year master’s students, including MBAs, enrolled in accredited human resource graduate schools in the United States. The successful applicants will:

  • be active SHRM members
  • hold HR certification
  • have at least five years of industry experience
  • achieve a minimum 3.5 GPA
  • exhibit the business acumen for contributing to the human resources profession.

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Investing in a college degree does not ensure meaningful work or a consistent wage. However, people who get a human resources degree can be confident that there will be plenty of work options.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, human resource management will continue to increase at a faster-than-average rate of 9 percent through 2024.

This translates to around 10,800 new employment for qualified personnel administrators in corporate human capital management.

Winning some of these excellent scholarships for human resources degrees might help you grow in this professional field.

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