13 Top Business Schools With Scholarships

Business Schools With Scholarships`

Business Schools with Scholarships: Pursuing an MBA degree can be costly, with major programs such as HBS, Wharton, and Stanford costing USD 250,000 to complete.

However, several business schools in the United States provide complete support for their MBA programs through a range of scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships.

These programs are intended to attract brilliant and diverse students who may lack the financial resources to pay for the program on their own.

In this essay, I will list 13 business schools with scholarships that provide full support to their top performers or needy students.

13 Business Schools With Scholarships

Business Schools With Scholarships

Here are the top 15 MBA scholarships for European business school candidates.

1. Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece

Candidates with GMAT scores equal to or more than 700 will be eligible for a partial scholarship of 40% of the total MBA tuition. Candidates with a good GMAT score under 700 are also eligible for minor awards.

2. Alliance Manchester Business School.

Everyone with a GMAT score above 600 is eligible for a merit-based scholarship, which is offered to the most outstanding MBA students during the admissions process.

3. Amsterdam Business School

The GMAT scholarship for the Amsterdam MBA is open to scores above 630 and offers up to €10,000 for the top scores. The GMAT grant is accessible to all Amsterdam MBA candidates.

4. City University, Bayes Business School

The Academic Distinction Scholarship covers 50% of tuition costs and is available to individuals who have a well-balanced GMAT score of 700 or higher and can demonstrate exceptional academic success.

5. EDHEC Business School

EDHEC Business School provides a range of scholarships based on GMAT scores, academic excellence, and distinction.

Applicants with an exceptional GMAT score, a great GPA, or significant experience and extracurricular activities may have their tuition expenses automatically cut by 20 to 50%.

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6. ESMT Berlin.

Applicants with successful GMAT scores will be evaluated for scholarships to recognize their achievements.

Applicants with a GMAT score of 700 or higher can receive a €4,000 scholarship, while those with a score of 650 to 690 can receive €2,000.

To be eligible for a diversity award worth up to €8,000, candidates must have a minimum GMAT score of 650.

Candidates must have a strong interest in responsible leadership, sustainable development, and technology, as well as write an essay about a professional experience in which they challenged mainstream thinking in a group setting.

The ESMT Women’s Academic Scholarship, worth up to €10,000, is available to two female candidates for the full-time MBA program with an outstanding academic record and a GMAT score over 650.

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management offers MBA scholarships that partially cover tuition for their programs. Academic performance, admission test/GMAT results, application quality, personal achievements, and needs are all considered while selecting individuals.

This encompasses extracurricular activities, social commitment, intercultural skills, international experience, and professional experience.

9. HEC Paris

All HEC Paris MBA candidates are eligible to apply for merit-based scholarships. Applicants are eligible for scholarships totaling up to 50% of the HEC Paris MBA tuition expenses.

The ultimate decision is made based on academic excellence, the overall strength of the application, the outcomes of the selection interviews, and the candidate’s GMAT score.


IESEG’s GMAT scholarships are on offer Admitted applicants with a GMAT score between 610 and 640 will receive a 20% tuition reduction; admitted applicants with a GMAT score between 650 and 680 will receive a 30% tuition reduction; admitted applicants with a GMAT score between 690 and 720 will receive a 40% tuition reduction; and admitted applicants with a GMAT score of 730 or higher will receive a 50% tuition reduction.

10. Imperial College Business School.

Imperial offers a variety of scholarships, including GMAT excellence prizes, and all self-funded candidates are immediately assessed for any scholarship schemes that fulfill their eligibility criteria, admission requirements, and application deadlines.

11. Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, Jack Welch College of Business

Based on your GMAT score, you can expect a percentage decrease in the basic rate of your MBA tuition of €39,000, as follows: 550-600: By 10% | 601-650: By 15% | 650 and Above: By 20%

Other accomplishments will be taken into account, such as good study results (GPA), work experience quality, and other certifications.

12. The University of Exeter Business School

Exeter provides three academic achievement scholarship categories based on GMAT scores: scholarships of £2,000 were offered to students with scores of 600–640, £3,000 to those with scores of 650–700, and £6,000 to those with scores of 700 or higher.

13. The Vlerick Business School

Vlerick’s academic scholarship is intended for students with an excellent academic record and a GMAT score of at least 680.

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